Wall Pedestal - Add 15%
Pedestal - Add 25%
Open mouth on all above - Add $150
Antler Repair - $50 / Point
Form Alterations - $30 per hour
Attach Sheds - $98
Shoulder Habitat - Small Mammals - $125
Whitetail Size - $150
Elk Size - $250
Open mouth on all above - Add $150
Half mounts are 60% of Life-Size
Includes suitable base.  Custom base is extra.
Pick Up Service Within 100 Miles

Trophy Restoration, Cleaning and Preservation
Is Our Specialty

50% Deposit Required On All Taxidermy
Before Work Begins!
Price Includes:  Open mouth, Padding and Double Felt Border
Double Felted Flat Headed Rugs:  Deduct 30%
Specialty mounts and bases priced on request.  This price list is designed as a guide.  Each work order will be quoted individually at the time of contract.  At that time all variables will be computed and a final price agreed upon.  Our turn around time is approximately 12 months.  When shipping to the customer, we will find the best and least expensive transportation, passing the savings on to our customers.  All tanning is accepted at owner's risk.  We have no control over any skin or trophy prior to receiving it for tanning or mounting.  Upon completion of your order, we will notify you and ask for shipping information and bill you for the balance due.  Merchandise left in our hands for 30 days after completion date is subject to storage charges.  Unclaimed goods are sold for charges 90 days after completion of work.
Variables include, but are not limited to:
Size and Condition of Specimen
Style of Mount
Name Plates
Background and Artwork
Open Mouths
Horn and Antler Repair
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